Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Green Wedding

I have been an environmental-stewardship advocator for the majority of my life. I appreciate the benefits of the environment, the beauty of a healthy wilderness and the majesty of healthy wildlife. So, when planning my wedding I have tried to plan an event that incorporates both Riley's and my values. Obviously we chose the colour BLUE for one of our wedding colours because of the Toronto Maple Leafs and we're trying to have a low environmental footprint wedding by using local resources. An Eco Wedding is a lot of fun to plan because it makes everything about your special day, special.  

Being green isn't all about using recycled materials and having a low environmental footprint. It also involves being contentious about supporting your local culture, environment and economy, also known as being sustainable.

Just remember to appreciate the tools you have around you and use them responsibly; the flowers, the water, the friends, the family, the internet, and your imagination. These tools can give you a unique, green wedding celebration.

Riley and I are inviting people via print invitations made from recycled paper and using recycled wine bottles with mason jars as our centre pieces, they'll be filled with candles and flowers from a local greenhouse.

Another initiative you can try is booking your hotel close to your reception hall so people do not have to travel a long distance from the party. Try to book one hotel for all your guests and have a transportation company bring guests to and from the reception in groups, this will save on transportation energy as well.


  1. I never even thought about having the ceremony and reception close together in order to save on the emissions!! So smart!

    Great post Gillian, and I can't wait to see more updates on the wedding!!

  2. Going green for your wedding is an awesome idea. I'll keep that in mind when I'm planning mine!

  3. Gillian, I'm glad to see that you're thinking about these things for your wedding. It makes a big difference when we all do a few small things to be more eco-friendly. Knowing you, I know it will be a beautiful wedding too.

  4. The eco thing is definitely an awesome idea for a wedding. Its funny how I never think of where green objectives will lead to next, but this is definitely a good idea. Wohoo! Way to be all green Greenall!

  5. Always thinking, aren't ya Gill? Great idea, besides the choice of blue as your colour.....

  6. Then perhaps to not get married at all is the greenest thing around. I like to do my part ;-)

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