Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Details, details...

Photographers, hair, makeup, food, linens, pastor, flowers and so much more! There are a million of things to think about when planning your own wedding. First of all, know your colours. Riley and I picked ours because of their association to us. We're using the colours blue (for the Toronto Maple Leafs of course), Sour Apple Green (my last name is Greenall and I like the colour mix with the blue) and silver (just because we can). Everything involving decorations (linens and flowers primarily) will be associated with your colours. Ensure they match, are clearly connected in different aspects of your wedding such as your bouquet, linens, centre pieces, etc. It'll make a pleasing picture when all colours and decorations coordinate to set the tone and attitude of your wedding.

Secondly, know your scheduling. It seems like everything we're doing involves five or more steps. Details that can overwhelm a bride who already has a plate full of details to deal with. Just make sure you know what you want before going to the salon.

You're going to meet with the pastor probably a minimum of 3-4 times prior to your wedding, depending if you're doing marriage counselling. The seamstress must see you at least three times before the big day to ensure the dress fits and you know how to get dressed properly the day of. The photographer you should really pay attention too. Those pictures last forever, you want to make sure they're good and in the style you prefer. I'm meeting with my photographer a bunch of times. Andrea's Impressions in St. Catharines is doing our wedding. I like her clear colourful style as she incorporates the backdrops in the mood of the picture. You're going to want to meet with your caterer about twice before the wedding, minimum. The caterer has all the skill and craftsmanship to make you a delightful meal, but if it's not done to the way you want it then it's a waste.

Last but not least; make sure you have everything written down. All of your appointments, all of your discussions you have with the venders, details you assume people understand sometimes need reiterated and you always want to make sure your wedding planner has all the contact information for everyone involved with the planning and organizing of your big day.


  1. My brother and his fiancee haven't even picked out their colours. I guess they better get started.

  2. Will the groomsmen wear Toronto jerseys?

  3. I'm sure your wedding will be nothing short of amazing, but damn girl, that's a lot of planning for one day. If I ever get married, I hope it's to a rich man who can afford to hire a wedding planner for me because with my inevitable procrastination nothing would get done in time.

  4. I never realized how much time, preparation and stress can be involved in a wedding. It seems like you have figured out a way to prepare yourself as best as you can for it through your blog though and I am sure your wedding will turn our great