Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Start Planning

So we've started to plan, plan and do some more planning. It's getting pretty crazy around our house. We spent the entire weekend (last weekend) searching out venues... and holy cow, weddings are expensive! After extensive research and talking to wedding planners from different venues, pricing everything out, and discovering different options, we finally have found our DREAM venue! Honsberger Estate is the perfect wedding spot if you want to have a rustic country wedding in a renovated barn. Oh we are ecstatic! It is absolutely gorgeous!

We've even decided to get married in my parents backyard garden. It's going to be gorgeous! 

So we've accomplished the where. Now, we have to figure out who's going to do what, when, how and how much. EEKS!

I've started a bit of a checklist for things that can be helpful when planning a wedding. 

Planning tips

Know your budget. There are no excuses. You must know how  much you are willing to spend on each aspect of your wedding. Price everything out, get an idea of what things cost and how important those little extras are to you. Remember taxes and gratuities usually are not included in original prices quoted. 

Know the picture. What do you want your wedding to look like? Do you want it formal, informal, fun, flirty,  dramatic, or something out of the ordinary. Every aspect of your wedding should follow whatever format you're going for. My wedding is not formal, but we're still expecting everyone to dress up. There is no theme really. We're ensuring the bridesmaid dresses are pretty and flowing dresses, to go with the garden theme. The flowers are going to be bright and fun, nothing too formal either. 

Know your backup plan. If you're having your wedding outside, ensure you have a backup plan incase the weather turns ugly. 

Talk to everyone. Don't necessarily get everyone's opinions on what you should do for your wedding, that'll just get overwhelming. Get to know tips and tricks to help you save money, ideas for making your wedding unique, talk to people about details you may have forgotten. I actually forgot to budget in the wedding rings. Opps! It helps to talk to people who have gotten married before (and in the last 5 years.)

Happy Planning!


  1. Gillian you should post a link to your venue so we can all see it! Im intrigued! But it sounds like it suits you perfectly :)

  2. Here is a site that my i found while researching for my sister's wedding. It has fantastic photos of actual weddings and notes on how they did it, where they saved money and what advice they would give.


    1. Thank you for that excellent website. Very helpful. It's always fun to see the different possibilities.

  3. Planning your own wedding is stressful...I know about that.The good thing in Africa is that marriage is a "family" business. So you have everybody involved. But it is important to tell them "how" you want is to be, otherwise... fiasco