Monday, 6 February 2012

My Dress!

I found my gown!

Oh, it is beautiful! I went to the bridal store with my mom a few days ago. We just wanted to have some fun and shop. I really wasn't looking for 'the dress', I just wanted to see what was out there and to try different styles. It was supposed to be a fun night out with my mom, that's all. 

So, I tried on about 10 gowns. Each and every one of them was beautiful - Absolutely stunning. However, they all had their little quirks. One dress was too stiff, the other was too plain, but the last one was PERFECT! I tried it on in the fitting room and was immediately surprised at how it fit. It needs a bit of adjustment, but for the most part it fits perfectly! So, before I looked in the mirror I sauntered out of the change room and called out to my mom saying, 'look, it fits!' 

As soon as I looked at my mom I knew something was different about this gown. My mom stood there and gasped as her face turned white. I hadn't even looked at myself yet and already knew something felt right about the gown. As I walked to the stage part of the store (the part with all of the mirrors) I caught a glimpse of my reflection. WITHIN A SECOND of seeing it on me I started to hyperventilate!  

 I've never done that before... 

I started to cry, my legs started to shake, my face went all red, my make up became smeared... Then my mother started to cry. Oh, looked beautiful! 

I never thought I'd be that emotional when I found my dress. I really didn't want to get my dress on the first shopping experience either... I mean, the dress is what every girl dreams about, isn't it? I wanted to try on more and more and more!  So, as I was standing there, gazing at myself in this beautiful gown and I heard my mom say  'it's perfect!' 

But I just couldn't buy it, not yet. I just got engaged. I wanted to try on more dresses and go shopping with my friends and buy all of those really expensive bridal magazines. 

So after about an hour, I changed out of my gown and left the store without my gown. 

The next day I went to St. Catharine's Bridal Show. I saw all of the gowns in the show, the gowns on display and the gowns in the magazines. I went shopping with one of my bridesmaids and tried on more gowns. NONE of them matched the elegance, the beauty, the perfection of my gown. I tried on more and more, each time thinking, 'this is nice, but it's not my dress.'
So the next thing I know, my father called and told me that the woman from the first store had phoned him and said my dress was going on sale. My dad asked if that was the store my mom came home from crying because we found a beautiful gown. I answered, 'yes, that's the store. The dress is perfect. I think I want to get it.' 
My dad replies, 'Well good, I already gave them my credit card number!'

AHHHHH!! Isn't that exciting! My dad is pretty awesome like that. 

So now I have my dream dress. It's Mon Cheri's 'Jolie' gown. It is absolutely stunning. 
I love it, love it, love it!

Me in my beautiful dress! 


  1. The dress is beautiful. You're going to look stunning on your wedding day!

  2. Congrats! That's sort of how Katie found her dress. She and her mom just went for a fun day out in Ottawa to look at some dresses and she ended up finding the perfect one; it was a steal. She won't let me see it, or give me any indication of what it might look like though lol.

  3. Wow Gillian it is beautiful!!!! Just like you! haha so cheesy.

  4. Gillian your dress is beautiful! It must be a great feeling to know you found the perfect dress and not have to stress about it. Hope your fiance doesn't creep your blog and see the picture hahah

  5. Thanks everyone. I love the dress. I'm happy you guys like it too!

  6. Gillian it's B.E.A.UTIFUL! I also have to second Rachel's comment though, what if your fiancé sees this picture? Isn't that supposed to be bad luck?

  7. You and your dress are beautiful Gillian, congradulations! Is it bad luck for the groom to see the blog dress before the wedding? lol

  8. It is stunning! Can't believe how quickly you found it, lucky girl!

  9. HUBBA HUBBA! You got a lucky fiance! Congrats Gillian!