Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Dress

Okay Ladies, let's talk about The Dress!

The most important factor about the entire wedding day is The Dress. Oh the colours, the fabrics, the lengths, the cuts, the beading and the lace. What is a girl to do? There are so many things to think about; so many ideas, so many choices, so many beautiful fairytale ensembles to chose from.

When you go to try on a wedding gown for the first time, don't fret, everything will be okay. 

It is so overwhelming! You will go into the bridal salon with all of these ideas of what you want, and then suddenly will be told that you have to describe your ideas. That's the hard part. How do you verbalize what you're looking for, especially when there are so many designs to choose from. 

This is where I come into handy. I have formulated a 'know how' for main designs and silhouettes for wedding dresses. 

Dress Descriptions

There are a few different cuts you should know about before you go into a bridal salon and try to explain what you're thinking of. 

When you start trying dresses on you will instantly realize the dresses look so different in reality than on the internet; the fabric flows and sits differently on each gown. When you start trying them on you will realize that they are actually very heavy. The weight of a gown is something to keep in mind when you're deciding on a fabric, style or design. 

Mon Cheri - Tiana
The Ball Gown

This photo is Mon Cheri's Tiana (112215). This is a sample of a ball gown wedding dress. The Ball Gown has a full skirt, typically the skirt's poof starts below or at the waist. It is a fun and romantic silhouette. It is fantastic for brides who want a dress that is either fun, formal or even casual. It is what most princess dresses are designed as (in my opinion.)  

The A-line Dress

Dennis Bosso
The A-length dress has a silhouette as an 'A'. The top of the dress is fitted on the torso, then the skirt poofs out around the hips. If the dress has a dropped waist the skirt wont start until under the hips. A-line dresses are very romantic and show off your body a bit more. Still maintaining the fun, formal or casual look as the ball gown, an A-line gown can provide you with a bit more formal or sexy look because it is fitted to your hips.

On the right is a Dennis Basso A-line dress. As you can see, it shows off the model's body more than a ball gown dress. In this picture the waist line is shown, not all A-line dresses define the waist by beading or stitching.
The A-line dresses are beautiful, one of my favourite cuts.

The Tea Length

Tea length gowns are always fun. For some unknown reason, tea length gowns make me think about Alice in Wonderland. The length of the tea length is typically below the knee. These dresses are great for girls getting married with a theme that suites or on a very hot summer day. The style adds a fun, flirty look to the entire wedding. Not many girls can pull a dress like this off, especially on one of the most photographed days of her life! 

The Mermaid

Oh the Mermaid! So beautiful. The entire body is outlined perfectly in this design. Ideally a mermaid gown fits a curvy girl who has something to show (breasts, hips, butt... you get it.) It is an elegant design that will add a definite sexy vibe to your day. The skirt doesn't start until the knees or even your chins. You may have a bit of difficulty taking big strides, but it's not like you're going to be running on your wedding day!
Alvina Valenta's mermaid design has the skirt starting at the knees, so you'll have a bit more ability to stride. 

The Trumpet

In my opinion, the Trumpet and the Mermaid are very similar. The Mermaid has the skirt starting around the knees, whereas the Trumpet has the skirt starting only slightly higher. Alita's Trumpet silhouette allows full movement of the legs. It is a beautiful design for any style. 

There are probably so many MORE design styles I can't even begin to diagnose each and every single one of them, but it's nice to go over the main styles of gowns. 

So ladies, what design are you looking for? 

I started looking for my wedding gown when I first learned how to Google! I love wedding gowns. They are beautiful, fun, unique and completely princess-like! Who wouldn't want to gaze at beauty all day?


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  2. So helpful, I like how you outlined all the styles of dresses.